Batch Processing API/Large area utilities


I have projects such as land-cover classification and crop boundary detection throughout all Turkey. I will use 10m resolution Sentinel-2 images(B08,B04,B03,B02,CLM). In order to work at this scale, can i handle this data with the large area utilities example without an enterprise membership? Or would it be more appropriate to work with the BATCH Process API since we will exceed the processing unit limit?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi @canuzundemir ,

Although it is possible to handle large scale data with Process API, it’s not optimal as you will probably reach the rate limit and consume a lot of PUs.

To work with data at large scale, we do recommend our Batch Processing API which is designed for large scale processing. It also costs less PUs as processing with Batch Processing API will result in a multiplication factor of 1/3. That is to say, three times more data can be processed comparing to Process API for the same amount of PUs.

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