Batch Statistical API

Hi, I have been downloading the statistical data through batch statistical API from last two weeks. It was working perfectly fine but from yesterday night, there’s a bit malfunctioning with the API. The problem is when I run the batch stats api and check its status in python. it shows me that it has been completed but the status in sentinelhub dashboard is still on Processing and hence the code to convert the response from s3 to statistical data through AWSStatistical function, throws me an error that there’s nothing on the s3. I checked the folder on S3 and it was true that nothing was saved to s3.

Hi @jaya.rajwani,

can you please provide the first two blocks of the request ID, so that we can take a look?


I had to stop it through postman

Hi @jaya.rajwani ,

It seems there were some corrupt products, which resulted in this error. We have re-ingested these and it should work now. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Its going weird now. Request id first two blocks: e3a44220-c001

I tried this and it worked. Is there some other job that is causing issue?