BBOX and GEOMETRY query structure

Hello to everyone!

I have the next doubt, in the docs it is said for BBOX one must give the four coordinates representing the top-left and bottom-right of the bounding box and must be separated by commas. Required. Example: BBOX=-13152499,4038942,-13115771,4020692. And that the GEOMETRY must be WKT, WKB, or a list of coordinate pairs representing a polygon (pairs separated by semicolons, components by comma, i.e. 1,1;2,2;…) .

The thing is that it does not specifies order of XY coordinates, I mean must use long, lat pairs or lat, long? also when I use the formats stated above the WMS query fails and it only works if I use top-right and bottom-left corners for BBOX as “LAT,LON,LAT,LON” and for GEOMETRY I must give something like this “POLYGON((LAT LON, LAT LON, LAT LON, LAT LON, LAT LON, ))” those formats are stated in the FAQ section too.

So my main questions is which is the right way to do dose queries?

Kind regards and thanks!

This (unfortunately) depends on the CRS. Set of rules, which we have inherited from Open GIS Consortium standards…
Check this: