BBOX to WKT Conversion

We get bbox coordinates (sample below) from my system.
Is there any formula convert these coordinates to WKT ?

bbox format = lonmin lonmax latmin latmax

84.7142 -76.7142 14.9457 22.945

In WKT this would be the following:
POLYGON ((-76.7142 14.9457, 84.7142 14.9457, 84.7142 22.945, -76.7142 22.945, -76.7142 14.9457))

Your polygon however is quite a bit large, see the image.
A useful tool for these things is
It allows you to draw a polygon and then export it as GeoJSON, WKT or similar.

Thanks for your reply.

I am getting white box with the below URL, could you please guide on this.,43.1562792283719,-89.28592622280121,43.15716362629335&GEOMETRY=POLYGON((%20-89.28736388683318%2043.1562792283719,%20-89.28592622280121%2043.1562792283719,%20-89.28592622280121%2043.15716362629335,%20-89.28736388683318%2043.15716362629335,%20-89.28736388683318%2043.1562792283719%20))

Your order of lat/lon is wrong, check this blog-post that explains it:

You can either change the order of lat/lon or change the version of the WMS, e.g. this works:,43.1562792283719,-89.28592622280121,43.15716362629335&GEOMETRY=POLYGON((%20-89.28736388683318%2043.1562792283719,%20-89.28592622280121%2043.1562792283719,%20-89.28592622280121%2043.15716362629335,%20-89.28736388683318%2043.15716362629335,%20-89.28736388683318%2043.1562792283719%20))

Thank You.

when i use WMS getting blurred image (sample below), please guide on getting actual image.

when i use WFS or WCS getting errors (Illegal REQUEST option).

Hi @prasanth.kumar14,

I apologise, but we cannot do each and every step instead of you. You will have to invest some time and study documentation. WMS, WCS and WFS are Open Geo Consortium standardized services and well recognised by the community, therefore also well documented.

If you need to integrate this process in your workflow chain, I suggest you check the sentinelhub-py library, which solved most of the things that you are trying to do:

What you see in the image is Sentinel-2 10 meter resolution. Also very well documented, this time by European Space Agency

At least for myself, I will stop responding to your questions until I see that you have put some decent effort to try to do things by yourself.

Apologies, thank you for sharing sentinelhub-py library.
I had put some effort on checking library files and documents and came to know how it works.

We have Lat and Long from our application but don’t get BBOX.

Noticed BBOX must require to get satellite image accessing sentinel api.

Therefore we have written own logics in our system to generate BBOX value from Lat/Long.

By the result we generated bbox (example below) from (Latitude=38.34116 & Longitude=-104.83326)

BBOX from own logic,

[-108.34888458251953,35.531711096677284, -101.31763458251953,41.04573941576278]

Converted the above to WGS84 using “geo_utils.to_wgs84”,


[-115.48971458110447, 0.00032047342636273873, -103.48965158826407, 0.00037020648557105785]

I am not sure the logic which I have written (java code) to construct BBOX is accurate. Please guide is there any options to get BBOX form LAt/Long.