Best way to query for tiles acquired in a date/time range?

I’ve been looking through both the python and REST APIs for a way to query for a list of all tiles that were acquired during a particular date/time range. So far I’ve only found out how to do it the other way around (i.e. query the available dates for a specified tile).

I’m hoping there is some way to avoid the brute force approach of getting the dates of all tiles and filtering for the ones in the window. If it helps, the purpose of the activity is basically one step in a bigger process to figure out which tiles have recently become available and I need to process.

Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

There is no specific API for that.
Best thing to do is to check ESA’s acquisition plans and follow-on from there.

Good to know. I won’t waste more time looking for something that isn’t there and focus on plan B.

Hi Jim,

one option to search for existing tiles is by using Sentinel Hub OpenSearch REST API. It is supported through sentinelhub Python package: docs. With it you can query by bounding box and time range, or by tile name and time range. The disadvantage is that it only supports search for Sentinel-2 L1C products.

Another way is with WFS also available in sentinelhub: docs. With it can only seach by bounding box and time range however it supports all satellite sources available by Sentinel Hub services, not only Sentinel-2 L1C.