BINS parameter limit in FIS API

Hi all,

I am using the FIS API, and it seems that the BINS parameter (that define the size of histogram) is limited to 6, whatever value I put (sometime I have less values, but never more).

In the documentation I find no limit, and the default parameter is 32, and some example are up to 100 here :

Is there a limit to this parameter or is is just my request that I did not formulate correctly ?

Thank you,

Can you send an example of the FIS request here, masking the part of the instance ID, so that we can take a look?
Generally though if your evalscript has only 6 discrete output values, then FIS will be limited to 6…


I took the example given in the documentation :{INSTANCE_ID}?LAYER=5_VEGETATION_INDEX&STYLE=INDEX&CRS=EPSG%3A3857&TIME=2015-01-01%2F2015-10-01&BBOX=1550369.86,5586056.25,1547498.69,5584861.92&RESOLUTION=10&MAXCC=5&BINS=100

I just replace “5_VEGETATION_INDEX” by “NDVI” because I was using Sentinel 2

The NDVI layer you are using, is a visualized layer, e.g. COLOR MAP, which has only a distinct set of values.
If you replace this with the actual index value (see this FAQ), you will get more bins.

Indeed. Great, thank you !!