Blank images NDVI time range

My request look like this:

Now I know why am I getting blank images for this time range, based on your response:
" You get blank images for some dates highly probably because there is no data on those dates or data is filtered out by the maxcc=20 set in your request.

You could of course set the time range to a month. Please note that by default (a) SIMPLE mosaicking is applied in Evalscripts and (b) mostRecent is applied to your payload, meaning that you’re requesting the latest available acquisition which meets your cloud coverage filter within the requested one-month time range."

Monthly ranges don’t work for me, is there a way I could get at least NDVI tiles in a week time range, if daily is not possible?

Hi Darko, I am not sure exactly what you are asking. If there is no data in a monthly time period with your parameters then you will not have data in a weekly time period in that month either. Can you please rephrase your question so we can understand better what you are trying to do.

Yes, I am getting data for the monthly time period but not if I switch to weekly, like on the time range in the picture I provided. I am wondering if there is a way to always get the weekly data, is there something I could change in my request that guarantees that, maybe maxcc?

For this you would need a custom script, an example that you can adapt can be found here in the custom scripts repository. This script calculates the maximum NDVI from a month of Sentinel-2 acquisitions. It could be easily adapted to calculate a different metric or time period. Once configured in your Dashboard you can then call this visualisation as a WMS layer.

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And if I wanted to see if there are changes, day by day, could that be done?

No, Sentinel-2 has a revisit time of 5 days. If you require daily coverage then Planetscope could be an option for you. However, this is data that you would be required to purchase.

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Thank you. One last question, is there a way I can know on which days in a month did Sentinel-2 revisit? For example, is there a way I can know that I have a fresh layer on 10th of February?

Hi Darko, generally there is a 5 day revisit time for Sentinel-2 data, so the revisit times and dates are very predictable. To search for data in your AOI you can use Catalog API that will find all the data in the archive for your specified AOI and time range.

I get that, but sometimes I get blank images for monthly time ranges and that is my problem, I’ll give you an example:

So my map turns all red if I select this time range

Does removing the maxcc parameter sort this issue out?

It worked, thanks. Does this mean if for example, I select the month of January (1st to 31st), my map will show the most recent layer (for example recorded on 28th of January)?

Yes, by default Sentinel Hub Requests use the most recent acquisition.

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