Blank images when processing NDVI

I’m getting blank images during the process of retrieving NDVI for certain lands!

You can follow the link that includes all needed payloads for HTTP requests and endpoints:

Hi there @yasserakbbach !

I tried repeating the process and get one of the dates which you do the request for, so all good until that point.

In the Process API request you make a request on a geometry. Is there a reason why you didn’t use the bbox bounds like in the dates request?

If I change the bounds part of the payload to:

"bounds": {
            "properties": {
                "crs": ""
            "bbox": [34.3749669970627, -5.89915791677634, 34.3781915977676, -5.90363203995753]

where I use the same bbox info as you provide in the dates request, then I get a non-null image:

This probably points in the direction that your geometry+crs combo isn’t what you expect it to be.


Hello @matic.lubej,
Thank you for your input, the main reason why I’m sending geometry instead of bbox is the fact that I need to render the responded image on a polygon on a mapbox (Android) as shown on the figure below:

The bbox way will return a squared image, while geometry returns exactly the same sent polygon dimensions!


OK, I understand your motivation to use geometry. Thank you for the explanation.

I see you are using CRS84, which should be similar to WGS84, with the exception of reverse coordinates (using lon/lat instead of lat/lon).

However, it doesn’t seem to me that the geometry you are using corresponds to the bounds of the original bbox you used in the beginning. I plotted both geometries with the appropriate CRS, but the two don’t overlap in the least bit.

I suggest you first make sure that you are using a geometry which corresponds to your original bbox.


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Yeah this is what I figured out too, I’ll double check and return back to you.
Thank you for your time!

Hello again @matic.lubej,

Finally I managed to fix the issue, thanks for your help I really appreciate it.
There were two problems on my side (as you stated):

  1. I was mistakenly using some sort of static geometry.
  2. I’ve been using wrong order lon/lat instead of lat/lon for the bbox.


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