BlueDot water observatory

Hi, we are exploring the working of BlueDot water observatory. Is there any technical documentation/description for the same.

No, unfortunately not yet.

Hi Bhavna,

a short description or an overview of the entire procedure is given at about water observatory page that has links to back-end and front-end source code. If you’re looking for some more details about specific step or part of water observatory, let us know.

  • Yes, looking for specific step in the source code. Will get back with details.

  • Also, instead of Sentinel service, can the testing of source code be done on local satellite imagery. Any pre-requisite for the imagery?


In principle yes. The minimum requirement is NDWI raster, assuming you will manually filter out cloudy scenes. If you wish to apply veto using Digital Elevation Model in order to clean-up the false positives from topographic shadow, DEM raster is also need. But you’ll have to take care of raster bounds, CRS, etc.