Bring my own COG

I need help using my Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF on the platform.
Before I start, I don’t know about programming, so it is possible that when creating the code I made a mistake, although I copied and pasted most of it.
I have followed the instructions
The only thing I don’t do is create the COG using GDAL, I create it using the “Raster Copy” tool of Arcgis Pro, but I follow the rest of the steps.
When creating the tile, the Sentinel-hub dashboard, asks me to bounding box … is this not included in the GeoTIFF metadata?
Also, I don’t recognize the S3 bucket file.

Thanks for the help.

Great to see you are trying this new service of ours.
COG is raster conforming some rules, e.g. it has internal tiling and overview layers. See more info here:
I am not an ArcGIS expert but I would suggest you try to use GDAL commands on the rasters you get from ArcGIS. It should not be too difficult as these are one-line commands:

What do you mean by “I don’t recognize the S3 bucket file”?