Broken Sentinel2-L2A product

I am hot sure how the procedure is for reporting issues like this, but the product S2B_OPER_MSI_L2A_DS_S2RP_20230318T091923_S20210624T134211_N05.00 seems to be broken on the AWS bucket (no reflectance data in 10m resolution):

How do I best report findings like that?
Thanks and BR

There is a decent chance that this product is actually corrupted at source, so there is not much we can do about it.
I suggest you first check at Source and if you see the issue there, report it there.
Note that there is currently a reprocessing campaign going on, so all these products will be replaced eventually, in coming months.

@gmilcinski About reprocessing, is there any news about it and the replication of Collection 1 products to AWS?

The reprocessed data are replicated to AWS, but at slow speed (due to bandwidth limitations of the source).

Nice to hear that, will there be a notification when the collection is available?

The products are ingested as we speak, in the main (and only) bucket.

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