Bucket does not exist

Hi all,
I try to use “batch” in Request Builder and followed all the cascading guides to set up a bucket at Creodias cloudferro. I updated the policy and the response is:

result = s3.get_bucket_policy(Bucket=bucket_name)
('{“Version”: “2012-10-17”, “Statement”: [{“Sid”: “Sentinel Hub permissions”, ’
'“Effect”: “Allow”, “Principal”: {“AWS”: ’
‘“arn:aws:iam::ddf4c98b5e6647f0a246f0624c8341d9:root”}, “Action”: [“s3:"], ’
'“Resource”: [“arn:aws:s3:::JensContainer2”, ’

But in Request Builder i get this error “Bucket does not exist”.

Does this mean, that the connection to the cloud is okay ?

What could be the most likely next thing to check ?

Best wishes!

Hi Jens,

This is a forum specifically for Sentinel Hub APIs. Since you’re using the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem end point for Sentinel Hub, please create a ticket on the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem community forum, so your question will benefit other Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem users. Thank you!

Hi William,
sorry, i thought this error message came from the Sentinel Hub API.
So, thanks heaps for the link - i will post it there.
best wishes !

Yes, Sentinel Hub APIs are deployed on Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem too. We encourage users to use the community forum there when using Sentinel Hub APIs in the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem.

Jens, are you really using CDSE end-point?
I think you are using creodias.sentinel-hub.com, right? If so, this is the right forum.

Hi Grega,
yes, the s3 bucket is hosted on creodias.
And i am logged in at Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem (can access jupiter notebooks etc) but i am not allowed to post in the forum, because it says i need to log in …and then there is no log-in possibility…?!

At Creodia I have generated EC2 credentials … and an OauthClient but how do I use them in Sentinel-Hub batch ?

Best wishes!

Hi Jens,

As you are having issues with logging in to the community forum, let’s solve the problem here. I am assuming that the instructions you followed are located here.

The first thing I’d like you to check is the region that your S3 bucket is located in. You can check this by visiting this link. You will need to login using your Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem credentials.

Here you can check the region that your S3 bucket is located in. Sentinel Hub services only support WAW3-1 currently, so if your bucket is located in WAW3-2 then this will be the reason why you have returned the “Bucket does not exist” error message.

Jens, can you please confirm, which Batch Processing end-point you are trying to use?
Sentinel Hub ones or CDSE one (https://sh.dataspace.copernicus.eu/api/v1/batch)

looks like a hit…there is no region at all…

I assume i am trying to use Sentinel Hub with creo

And i do not know how to set a region …

But when i make a public link then this looks like WAW3-1


Thanks, this makes things clearer. Sorry for the confusion, it’s sometimes difficult to guess what users are up to (and, can imagine, difficult for you to find relevant resources).

As you are using Sentinel Hub deployment (not CDSE), this forum is the right place.
@william.ray will try to help you to configure things correctly (it might be I pointed to a wrong link initially).

Thanks heaps Grega and William… I very much appreciate your help, otherwise i would be really lost…

The policy grants access to ContainerJens2 which is not listed under Services…(but under Containers)…so maybe i update the policy to ContainerJens

does not help…

is there something wrong with the policy setting ?

xxx are replaced by real keys

result ist

result = s3.get_bucket_policy(Bucket=bucket_name)
('{“Version”: “2012-10-17”, “Statement”: [{“Sid”: “Sentinel Hub permissions”, ’
'“Effect”: “Allow”, “Principal”: {“AWS”: ’
‘“arn:aws:iam::ddf4c98b5e6647f0a246f0624c8341d9:root”}, “Action”: [“s3:"], ’
'“Resource”: [“arn:aws:s3:::JensContainer”, ’

Hi Jens, you are able to discover your bucket using s3cmd ls I am assuming?

If so, I think that we need to update your bucket policy. Try replacing the share_to string with b96188fd342e4f59821340ffc8cef9f5


Do i need to log-out and login at the “Request Builder” to make the changes active ?

Let’s ignore Request Builder for now and concentrate on the Bucket policy:

If you run s3cmd info s3://{your bucket name} this will return the bucket policy to you. Can you share that with me please?

…thanks for your message…
(SentinelENV) jensfl@blackfish3:~$ s3cmd info s3://JensContainer
s3://JensContainer/ (bucket):
Location: waw3-1
Payer: BucketOwner
Ownership: none
Expiration rule: none
Block Public Access: none
Policy: {“Version”: “2012-10-17”, “Statement”: [{“Sid”: “Sentinel Hub permissions”, “Effect”: “Allow”, “Principal”: {“AWS”: “arn:aws:iam::b96188fd342e4f59821340ffc8cef9f5:root”}, “Action”: [“s3:"], “Resource”: [“arn:aws:s3:::JensContainer”, "arn:aws:s3:::JensContainer/”]}]}
CORS: none
ACL: cloud_078703_1: FULL_CONTROL