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As I have seen the pricing section, I have a question: According to the Planet Sky-Sat, the minimum request should contain at least 25KM^2. Can I request multiple separate polygons that the sum of their area is 25 KM^2 or more?(If no, how could I use the sentinel hub API feature that I could request an image for only a desired location polygon in order to not downloading the whole tile image specially for Planet SkySat?(I have done this for sentinel2)–> for example you could make a request for a small polygon in this link: Requests Builder)

Hi @heresa4156,

the 25km2 is the minimum homogenous area.
This is a common rule for commercial imagery, so there is no way to get around it. If you need VHR data, you will simply need to purchase larger area, even though you only need a small part.


thank you very much…

Is it possible to purchase large area as big as 25 km^2 but request only a portion of the image? like the feature which is available for Sentinel2 images that we could request only a specific area from the SentinelHub API. For example, requesting 2 separate polygons around 1km^2 from the purchased 25km^2 image. I would be thankful if you give the instructions to do this by SentinelHub API.

Sure, you can do this.
It is a two step process:

Or, if you are using API:


Can we buy Sky Satellite Image from a certain range on regular dates like every 10 days? Is imaging done regularly?

Hi @heresa4156 ,

Skysat has a capacity to image up to 10x a day (see the documentation). You could always check the data availability of your location using Request Builder (please take a look at our webinar) or directly using the API.

Does Sky satellite photography have a location restriction?

For example, is it possible that the Sky satellite does not accept our desired location? And is there a need to pre-order?

Or in other words, does the Sky satellite take pictures of all parts of the earth during the day?

Hi @chung.horng , Sorry

Hi @heresa4156 ,

Skysat has a global coverage as described in their documentation. Note that there is no guarantee that there is always data at any location on Earth for every single date. Please do check the data availability of your area of interest during the time interval you’re interested in.

The “pre-order” sounds like a subscription to me. If this is what you’re looking for; unfortunately, subscribing is only supported by PlanetScope data at the moment.

In order to sell services to customers, we need to have an image of the target area once every 14 days. Is it possible that the desired images are not available in our history? Because we are obliged to provide regular reports to the client. (It is logical that the images cannot be used if there is a cloud)

Hi Heresa,

there is no VHR satellite, which provides systematic monitoring of our planet. There is therefore no option to get the history of a random place in the world. Even for the future, getting systematic acqusition is only possible if you task it, but do note that this can be quite expensive (typically thousands of EUR per each observation) and even that is not guaranteed, due to weather and limited capacity.

If you need something systematic, the best option, resolution-wise, is PlanetScope with 3-meter resolution.


tanks for attention

Not sure what you mean by “XL3”. Planetscope Tier 3 price matches this number. You get access to full archive as well as fresh data, for a period of one year. These are daily, weather permitting.
Minimum individual area is 1 ha.
Read more about it here:

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