I am very interested to use the BYOC to ingest my own small satellite (EO) data. However, although I think I follow all the steps:

When I am creating a collection I am not able to ingest my data. I alwasy get the following message:
Unexpected error occurred when tried to access the storage (status code = 404).

I guess that my bucket is not visible by sentinelhub.

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This forum is a space specifically for Sentinel Hub services. For Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem related questions, please use their Community Forum to ask your questions.

This is so that fellow Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem users will also see the answers you are seeking over in that community forum. Apologies for the confusion!

Thank you for your answer William.

I am sorry if there is any missunderstanding. I am conscious that this forum is for Sentinel Hub services. I am part of a Spanish research instiution with a couple of SWIR EO cameras aldreay flying on space. I am evaluating if sentinel-hub suits for us to store, access and share our EO images. For tha,t I am trying to ingest my own data on sentinel-hub. I was already able to do it with AWS and I wanted to try with CREODIAS.

Before, on my last e-mail I referenced the wrong (Copernicus) website. I often confuse both documentation since they are quite similar. The website that I used as reference is :

Please, could you inform me if with this information I just provided this is the correct forum or should I just switch to the other forum.

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Hi David, thanks for the clarification. Indeed you are in the right place if you are trialing Sentinel Hub rather than the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem. Can you please provide us with some information on your workflow (preferably code-blocks) and how you returned the authentication error you received.

Hi William,

Thank you very much for your answer. My workflow is:

  • We generate the COG using gdal_translate to our geotiff images.
  • We created the bucket alisio in CREODIAS SW3_1. Also set the policy as described in Bring Your Own COG API
  • We upladed the COG to ts3:://alisio/tile_1/
  • When we are trying to ingest using the dashboard. I get the following message:
    Unexpected error occurred when tried to access the storage (status code = 404).

We are doing everything manually because byoc-tool does not work with CREODIAS.

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Hi David,

As it is difficult for me to replicate the error that you are getting there are three things I recommend you to double check:

  1. Are you using the correct Bucket Policy for the bucket in Creodias. Note they are different for the different deployments of Sentinel Hub. Here is the correct one: Bring Your Own COG API
  2. Are you able to find your bucket using s3cmd tools via the command line?
  3. The COG file you have added to the bucket; does it meet all the criteria required to be ingested into Sentinel Hub?

Hi William,

I fully understand that it may be hard to replicate.

To anwser your third recommendation. I think that my data is well generated. Is the same file that I successfully ingest via AWS.

About your first and second recommendation. I just executed “s3cmd info s3://mybucket” and I have got the following message (I changed my bucket name for mybucket for data security):

Location: waw3-1
Payer: BucketOwner
Expiration Rule: none
Policy: {
“Version”: “2012-10-17”,
“Statement”: [
“Sid”: “Sentinel Hub permissions”,
“Effect”: “Allow”,
“Principal”: {
“AWS”: “arn:aws:iam::b96188fd342e4f59821340ffc8cef9f5:root”
“Action”: [
“Resource”: [

CORS: none
ACL: cloud_078548_2: FULL_CONTROL

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