Calculate Carbon Monoxide using sentinel 5P bands


There are some scripts that calculate carbon monoxide (CO) in GEE.

Sentinel 5P has some bands from UV to SWIR.
How may I download these bands separately?
Is there a formula for calculating CO using sentinel 5P bands?

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Hi Bakhtiyar,

I would encourage you to check out the Custom Scripts Repository which also includes an example for calculating and visualising Carbon Monoxide.

If you require some examples on how to download individual bands, there are examples in the Documentation website, as well as details for the Sentinel-5P bands available to you from Sentinel Hub APIs.

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Hi William

Thanks for your respond.

l tried download data in Copernicus Open Access Hub. The data is contain extension with nc.

may l get bands from this data?

Hi, if you have a question regarding data downloaded from the Open Access Hub, you should direct your question to their forum. Please bear in mind that the Open Access Hub is now deprecated and you should be using the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem to access Copernicus satellite imagery.

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l get it.

Just my main question is about how to calculate carbon monoxide with sentinel bands? is there any formula?


l am looking information about how sentinel 5P measure and calculate air pollution? is there any official information or source, paper?

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