Calculation of Indices

Some of the indices listed in the EO Products page use calculations that do not agree with research literature. E.g. the NDWI is calculated quite differently from most papers I’ve read on it. Even the formula provided by IDB is different:
Can you either rename the indices on the products page or at least provide a link to accepted literature for all the indices calculations please?

These EO products are a challenging topic as there are many options available. E.g. for NDWI you have two options, including the one described on the page, as described here:

This is why we have initially created Custom scripts GitHub repo as described in this blog

As it indeed is a bit confusing, all this, we will remove the actual combinations from the web-page and leave them just in the GitHub repository, so that more options are available, like here:

On GitHub, users can use “Issue” and “Pull request” methods to ensure products to be just right.

I appreciate your feedback and if you find some other issues with EO products, please let us know. Best using issue/PR in GitHub.
THanks for the

Thanks for the feedback Grega. I just get a bit confused when the same index name is used for completely different purposes. I would prefer if you keep the current index calculations on the EO Products page - it’s quite useful for quick referencing, but it would be nice if there was an additional reference to literature. I find the IDB a great source for band combinations, but it is also not without errors.

Point taken. We will leave the basic information on the page, but script itself will be linked to GitHub so that it is easier to maintain it.
I share your thoughts on indexdatabase and if you find some issue, I would as well kindly ask you to report it in the GitHub (here are all indices from indexdatabase):

We strongly feel that remote sensing community needs some resource like this so that people can exchange their view and experience.