Calling Process API with image ID

Morning when doing a catalogue search we see an ‘ID’ is generated (Example “id”: “S2A_MSIL1C_20191210T101411_N0208_R022_T32SLC_20191210T104357”, ) Can this be used with the process api to call this image to be displayed on the map without passing all the other parameters again? OR is there another way to do this? Many thanks

Hi Christine,

The purpose of Sentinel Hub APIs is that you do not need to think about Sentinel-2 tiles. When building a request you use an area of interest and time period in your inputs which is then used to return your image.

Therefore, if you set your area of interest in the tile that you are interested in and keep your time period to a single day you will return the pixels from that particular tile. I’d recommend reading about the API here.