Can I download just the subset of Image?

Hi all,
I would like to know if there is a provision to download only the subset of image in which my region of interest(s) (ROI) falls/fall in rather than downloading the entire image and then do the subsetting later.
please let me know.


Hi @SedulousSoul,

Can you maybe specify how you are trying to download the data? Are you maybe trying to download data directly from Copernicus Open Access Hub?

This is definitely possible using our Sentinel Hub API.

Cheers, Max

Yes , I am currently using Copernicus Open Access Hub. I would like to know if I subscribe to AWS, will it be possible to download just the subset of image using “sentinelhub” library or any other method.
If possible, can you please list down the steps how to do it (OR)
can you please point out an use-case where it is being already done using sentinelhub?
Thank you

Hi again @SedulousSoul,

If you want to download a specific area of interest instead of the whole satellite image scene, our Sentinel Hub API is perfect for the job! You can request imagery from any AOI of your liking via the Process API. To give it a try, please create your free trial account here. With the account, you also have download options in our EO Browser available. Read more about its functionalities in the dedicated section on the official Sentinel Hub website.

After creating a trial account I would recommend for you to first test our Requests Builder as a user-friendly interface for building API requests. Just log in with the credentials of your Sentinel Hub account and start building your request by selecting

  • the dataset (e.g. Sentinel-2)
  • a time range
  • an area of interest from the interactive map
  • and the image output options

The evalscript section gives you the opportunity to visualise the requested data however you want. The default script returns an enhanced true color image (RGB) of the selected AOI.

2020-09-09 15_57_15-Requests Builder

Just click on Send Request in the upper right corner once you have made all your selections. This will open a window with the requested image, which you can download directly from there.

For a more technical and easily reproducible approach, you can also request imagery from our Sentinel Hub API directly within Python. Please check the documentation of our sentinelhub-py package that contains numerous different use case examples to ease your way into using the Process API.


If you have any questions that are not covered by the documentation or run into problems, please feel free to search the forum for similar threads and post your questions.

Cheers, Max

@max.kampen Thanks a lot for such a detailed response. I will explore the options as suggested.