Can not access planet scope data

We have an about 1000 sq. km Planet Scope quota left and every time I try to access the data using Planet Orders API it keeps giving me the following error:
'Quota check failed - Insufficient quota: /total bulk size does not fit subscription ’

Just to clarify I am using Planet Labs orders API directly. I downloaded surrounding tiles for the same area of interest with the same API and code earlier today. So I know it is not a code and on SH dashboard it shows we still have ~1050 sq. km of quota left.

Hi @chinmay,
in Sentinel Hub we are only tracking the data consumed through Sentinel Hub API. When going directly to Planet Labs orders API, we have no control over it.
Checking your account in Planet dashboard, it seems you have consumed full quota of 1100 km. We have unfortunately no way to check this in more details as we have no insight in their API.


Ok, thank you for confirming it Grega