Can not acquire sentinel-2-l2a thumbnail link

Hello Dears
i use sentinel hub api and make request to the catalogue api to get data from multiple datasets
i use this request body in case of sentinel_1_grd to get the link for the available data as a thumbnail image

BASE_URL = r""
        json_data = {
            'datetime': f'{startdate}/{enddate}',
            'collections': [
            'limit': limit,
            geojson['geometry'] , 
            "filter": f"eo:cloud_cover <= {self.cloud_cover}" 
response =, headers=headers, json=json_data)

and it works fine…
it return lots of data from which i can get the thumbnail for an image to view it,
but when i use the collections paramter to be ‘sentinel-2-l2a’ it works fine as well but it never returns a preview image (thumbnail) link like sentinel_1_grd
When i use the EO browser i found it possible to have preview images for sentinel_2_l2a when we select it from advanced search tab
and the results is like this

So can any one help ?

Hi Fares,

If you require a preview of a Sentinel-2 tile, I would recommend using the Preview Mode available for the Sentinel-2 L1C data collection. You can find more about this in the docs here. Please note, the preview mode is only available for the Level-1C collection and not the Level-2A collection.

Hope that this info helps you out!