Can´t open a downloaded image

I usually download some images to my computer. When they are downloaded, automatically Windows opens them with my specific application, the Windows photo viewer.
But, since this week 08/01/2021 the viewer cannot open them.
I try with an image from last week and it works without issues.
I have tried on other computers and the same thing happens.

Does this happen to someone else?
Has something changed in the image generation format that now makes it incompatible?
I can open it in Paint, but when I try to print nothing happens, the job stays in the printer’s buffer
Any ideas or thoughts?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @gmartin ,

We will need some more information about how you are requesting the imagery from our services.

  • Are you downloading the imagery via EO Browser
  • or are you using our Process API?
  • What is the specified output format?

With some more detailed information we could investigate any unwanted or unexpected changes.

Hello Max, thank you for your help.
No, I use sentinel-playground via Browser (Chrome). But, I´m now testing EO Browser and I have the same issue.
I don´t know if i´m using Process API
The output format is a jpg file.
Thank you in advance.

I was not able to recreate the error you are experiencing. For me, the services (Playground and EO Browser) return .jpg files that open in the Windows photo viewer without a problem. I tried version 2020.19111.24110.0 on Windows 10.

Have you tried using other freely available graphic viewers like e.g. IrfanView?