Can you help me to recive specific pictures?

We are interested in obtaining two satellite images from the Aster satellite for specific regions in Egypt. The details for the requested images are as follows:

First one:


Coordinates: 26.1627, 33.6546

Date: 25.10.2021

Second one:


Coordinates: 27.3635, 32.7947

Date: 03.10.2022

We would greatly appreciate it if you could inform us of the possibility of receiving these specific satellite images through your service. Please let us know the availability and any relevant procedures or costs associated with obtaining the requested imagery.

Dear Konstantins,

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with this service, as ASTER is not part of our offering. If you would like to access these data through Sentinel Hub services, you could make use of our self-serve BYOC API after downloading the images (ASTER Data | Terra) and converting them to a cloud-native format.

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