Canceling PlanetScope subscription


I have a question about canceling the PlanetScope subscription for a particular area. Let’s say I have a 100km^2 PlanetScope quota. When I initialize a new collection (subscription) for an area of 15 km^2 I now have 85 km^2 of PlanetScope quota. I was wondering what happens if I cancel/delete the subscription. Does the quota reset to 100km^2 or it is used for good (stays the 85km^2)?

The area comes “under management” the first time you put an order to it and remains there for a duration of your PlanetScope subscription, i.e. one year after purchase of the package.

Thank you @gmilcinski. I still have a doubt after reading the FAQ:
We received 14km^2 of PlanetScope data from NoR. Now we are testing a pipeline for the automatic creation of AOIs by the user - when the user adds a new AOI, a new PlanetScope subscription is initialized for that AOI (data from 01-01-2018 onward). Let’s say that the user doesn’t want to monitor that area anymore and deletes the AOI which was i.e. 3 km^2. Does the total PlanetScope quota reset to 14 km^2 or it remains 11 km^2? I have tested the case through the request builder and it seems the quota does reset.
I understand that the data is available i.e. for one year (the subscription period) but I just wanted to check how the deletion of the subscription works.

No, the quota consumed does not change. Once you “subscribe” (or order) a specific area, that quota remains “used”, regardless of if you are fetching the data from it or not.

In terms of “Quota display” in Request Builder (or Dashboard), please don’t rely to it for PlanetScope “Hectares under management” as it only shows the quota purchased, not the quota consumed. We are waiting for Planet to provide API for information related to the consumption, so that we can show it. But this might take a while

Ok, thanks for the additional information @gmilcinski. Still, I find this as an odd behavior. Why wouldn’t the quota reset if the subscription is canceled/deleted? I know this is hypothetical but do you think this will ever be a feature (deleting a subscription=reseting the quota)? Because, why is there a DELETE option for the API if the subscription stays “active” (I’m not fetching the data from it but it is still “taking up” the quota)?

We are just following Planet’s business model so it would be best to ask them.
That said you could very easily game the system if one could subscribe and unsubscribe at whim.
I guess this is meant for monitoring of agriculture land, which is quite stable in location…

Understood, thanks for the help!