Cannot get "Feature Info Service Chart" for Point from Custom Visualization with Script URL


I am doing Custom Visualization with Script URL to Javascript file online (lets say https://test.test/test.js?1). Rendering works just fine. Then I would like to get “Feature Info Service Chart” for “Point of Interest”. I get the following error:
Error: Error retrieving evalscript from url: https%3A%2F%2Ftest.test%2Ftest.js%3F1

You can repeat the same error no matter which URL address you input. It does not even matter if the script exists or not.
I guess it is not possible for Visualization on the basis of Script URL to get "Feature Info Service Chart?

Yes, you are right. The Feature info service functionality in EO Browser was not designed to work with custom scripts. Sorry about that.

We might add this in the future.

Hello @mohito,
It’s been a while but the issue got in the meantime addressed and FIS now also works with custom scripts :slight_smile: