Cannot re-create EO-Browser's Sentinel-1 imagery

In eo-browser, I can see the Sentinel-1 imagery I need with these settings:
Sentinel 1 - VV [dB] - orthorectified
VV - decibel gamma0 [-20,0] - orthorectified

To recreate, I’ve created a layer with these parameters:
Source: Sentinel-1 - GRD
Data Processing: return [Math.max(0, Math.log(VV) * 0.21714724095 + 1)];
Time Range: Absolute
Cloud Coverage: 100
Mosaic Order: Most recent
Aquisition Mode: IW
Polarization: VV
Resolution: High
Orbit Direction: Both
Orthorectification: Enabled
Backscatter Coefficient: gamma0

However, when I Preview the layer, it’s all white.

I’ve also got a ogc/wms/ layer for Sentinel-1 on my webpage. I believe it is set up correctly, because I sometimes get images returned. However, more often it’s been all-white imagery. If I go to the same AOI as I successfully use in eo-browser, I get an image returned if under zoom 12, but that image still doesn’t match what I’m seeing in eo-browser.

Any help is much appreciated!

Can you post the link to the image in EO Browser, so that we see, which one specifically you have in mind?
And perhaps a request URL from your webpage (half of the instance ID should be masked).

S-1 data are quite complicated due to different polarization, modes, etc. Some info is available here:

Here’s the eo-browser link:

And one of the tile URLs from javascript:,DATE&FORMAT=image/jpg&SRS=EPSG:4326&BBOX=8.4375,-2.108898659243126,9.140625,-1.4061088354351594&WIDTH=512&HEIGHT=512&TIME=2019-06-09&TRANSPARENT=0&GAMMA=1&GAIN=2&SHOWDATES=true&ATMFILTER=ATMCOR

You need to configure your layer to show:
I created a layer called “S1-DEBUG” in your instance so that you can test/compare.

That did it, thanks!

I’m still getting a lot of empty (white) tiles returned. I read in another post that this is due to not having imagery. However, the same area has imagery at lower/higher zoom levels. Since this is a different topic, so I’ll submit a new ticket if I don’t figure it out.