Can't confirm order from PlanetScope

Good morning,
I am trying to make a Planet product request from the Sentinel-Hub account. I can create the order, however, when I try to confirm this order I get as a result:

{‘error’: {‘status’: 400, ‘reason’: ‘Bad Request’, ‘message’: ‘Quota to consume must be non-negative.’, ‘code’: ‘COMMON_BAD_PAYLOAD’}}}

On the API documentation website, API Reference , in the ‘confirm’ section, only the code ‘COMMON_BAD_PAYLOAD’ appears in status 403 associated with ‘Insufficient quota for the order’, however it is the only request made since contracting and with a size of 3.65km2 (as detailed in the ‘Dasboard>Usage’ of the profile).

What could be the cause of this error?

Thank you very much, best regards!

the request was rejected by Planet with the error “No access to assets”. According to your package you should have access to the requested assets. We have contacted Planet about it and will keep you posted.

The “Quota must be non-negative” is an error on our side, where the service failed to reimburse the quota after Planet rejected the order. We already fixed this by reimbursing your quota manually.

Is there any news on this?

Hi @seda.defensa - we got confirmation by Planet that the issue is on their side and they are fixing it. We have asked to prioritise it, but we cannot do much more. I do expect it to be fixed in a day or two.
I apologise for the inconvenience.

Hi @seda.defensa,

we have received confirmation from Planet that the isuse was solved. In order to check, whether this is indeed true, I have confirmed your last order (a2e5f79a-4277-MASKED) and it went through, being in RUNNING phase now.
You should therefore be able to order additional data in this part of the world.

I apologise for the inconvenience.