Can't download S2 data after 3/2/23

After the S2 data loss anomily by ESA after 3/2, I cant download new imagery after 3/2. Is the archive behind? I can download from AWS before 3/2.

Hi Lanny,

Can you please provide an example where you cannot download imagery after this date. Either the time/date and AOI or the Tile ID should be enough to help us investigate. Thanks!

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Hi William,

We run scripts to auto download batches of imagery, All scenes after 3/2/23 do not download. This is one of the latest script we ran. It comes up with 0 scenes available.


I can go back before 3/2/23 and the process works. It seems that there was a change since that date. I assumed you were catching up the downloads but it still persists.

/Documents/scripts/ -s '2023-03-07’ -e '2023-03-09’ -t 36RXN 16SCF 16SDF 16SEF 16SFF 16SCE 16SDE 16SEE 16SFE 16SBD 16SCD 16SDD 16SED 16SBC 16SCC 16SDC 16SEC 16SBB 16SCB 16SDB 16SEB 16SBA 16SCA 16SDA 16SEA 15RYQ 16RBV 16RCV 16RDV 16REV 15RYP 16RBU 16RCU 16RDU 14SLG 14SMG 14SNG 14SPG 14SKF 14SLF 14SMF 14SNF 14SPF 14SKE 14SLE 14SME 14SNE 14SKD 14SLD 14SMD 14SND 14SKC 14SLC 14SMC 14SNC 13SGS 14SKB 14SLB 14SMB 13SGR 14SKA 14SLA 14SMA 14RKV 14RLV 14RMV 12STE 12SUE 12STD 12SUD 11SQU 11SQT 12STC 12SUC 12SVC 11SQS 12STB 12SUB 12SVB 11VME 11VNE 10UEU 10UGU 11ULP 10TET 10TFT 10TGT 11TLN 10TDS 10TES 10TFS 10TGS 10TDR 10TER 10TFR 10TGR 10TDQ 10TEQ 10TFQ 10TEL 10TEK 10SEJ 10SEH 37TCN 14QQD 10TCN 37TCN 14QQD 37TCN 14QQD 17SMA 17SNA 17SPA 17SQA 17SMV 17SNV 17SPV 17SQV 17SMU 17SNU 17SPU 17SQU 17SMT 17SNT 17SPT 17SQT 17SLS 17SMS 17SNS 17SPS 17SLR 17SMR 17SNR 17RLQ 17RMQ 17RLP 17RMP 17RLN 17RMN 17RLM 17RMM 17RNM 17RLL 17RML 17RNL 17RLK 17RMK 17RNK 15SVV 15SWV 15SXV 15SYV 15SVU 15SWU 15SXU 15SUT 15SVT 15SWT 15SXT 15SUS 15SVS 15SWS 15SXS 15SUR 15SVR 15SWR 15SXR 15RTQ 15RUQ 15RVQ 15RWQ 15RTP 15RUP 15RVP 15RWP 15RTN 15RUN 13SFU 13SET 13SFT 13SES 13SCR 13SDR 13RCQ 13RDQ 11SMC 11SLV 11SLA 11SLB 11SKU 11SLU 11SMU 11SMT 36JUN 11TNF 16SED 16SFD 16SGD 17SKU 16SEC 16SFC 16SGC 16SDB 16SEB 16SFB 16SGB 16SDA 16SEA 16SFA 16SGA 16RDV 16REV 16RFV 16RGV 16RDU 16REU 16RFU 16RGU 15UUQ 14SNF 14SPF 14SQF 15STA 14SME 14SNE 14SPE 14SQE 15STV 14SMD 14SND 14SPD 14SQD 14SMC 14SNC 14SPC 14SQC 14SMB 14SNB 14SPB 14SQB 14SMA 14SNA 14SPA 14SQA 14RLV 14RMV 14RNV 14RPV 14RLU 14RMU 14RNU 14RPU 14RLT 14RMT 14RNT 14RPT 14RLS 14RMS 14RNS 14RPS 14RMR 14RNR 14RMQ 14RNQ 12SYF 12SUB 12SVB 12SXB 12SUA 12SVA 12SWA 12SXA 10TFS 10TGS 11TLM 11TMM 11TNM 10TFR 10TGR 11TLL 11TML 10TFQ 11TMK 10TFP 10TGP 11TLJ 10TFN 10TEM 10TFM 10TGM 10TFL 10TGL 10TEK 10TGK 10SEJ 10SFJ 10SEH 10SFH 10SFG 10SGG 10SFF 10SGF 10SFE 12VVJ 17SNA 17SLV 17SMV 17SNV 17SKU 17SLU 17SMU 17SNU 17SKT 17SLT 17SMT 16SGB 17SKS 17SLS 17SMS 16SFA 16SGA 17SKR 17SLR 17SMR 16RFV 16RGV 17RKQ 17RLQ 17RMQ 16RFU 16RGU 17RKP 17RLP 17RKN 17RLN 15STD 15SUD 15SVD 15SWD 15STC 15SUC 15SVC 15SWC 15STB 15SUB 15SVB 15SWB 15STA 15SUA 15SVA 14SQE 15STV 15SUV 15SVV 14SQD 15STU 15SUU 15SVU 14SPC 14SQC 15STT 15SUT 15SVT 14SPB 14SQB 15STS 15SUS 15SVS 14SPA 14SQA 15STR 15SUR 14RPV 14RQV 15RTQ 15RUQ 14RPU 14RQU 15RTP 15RUP 14RNT 14RPT 14RQT 15RTN 14RNS 14RPS 14RQS 14RMR 14RNR 14RPR 14RMQ 14RNQ 14RPQ 14RNP 14RPP 13TDE 13TEE 13SBD 13SDD 13SED 13SBC 13SDC 13SBB 13SCB 13SDB 12SYF 13SCA 13SDA 13SCV 13SCU 13SCT 12SXB 13SBS 12SXA 13SBR 11TLE 11TME 11SKD 11SLD 11SMC 10SFG 10SGG 11SKB 11SLB 10SFF 10SGF 11SKA 11SLA 10SFE 10SGE 11SKV 11SLV 10SGD 11SKU 11SLU 12VVJ -f &

I am not familiar with your script, so I don’t know, what exactly you are trying to access. That said,
I can see some products from March 16th from the first of your tiles, i.e.:

In general I believe the products are in sync.

Perhaps important point, we only manage the following buckets:

If you are using sentinel-cogs, then you should contact Element84

This is our own internal python script that we use to access the AWS S2 download bucket from AWS.

I have not downloaded March 16th imagery yet. But I did attempt to run imagery downloads from March 3rd to March 13th with this procedure. That is where no image scenes are available from AWS that come up on our logs.

Images before March 3rd are available and have been downloaded. So this makes me believe that the images after the March 2nd anomaly are not available from AWS because they haven’t been updated.

I can see the quicklooks of the imagery too but just can’t download the image files.

I don’t see anything wrong with our script as it works with pre March 3rd imagery

As mentioned, the data is available in AWS, so I suggest you check your script.

I don’t think you understand. The script works fine for any imagery before March 3rd which coincides with the ESA S2 data anomily. So it’s not the script. The imagery at AWS powered by Sinergese does not download after March 3rd. Can’t be my script - Has to be AWS

I am also successfully downloading and indexing S2 Imagery as I write this for some imagery back in January 2018 into our system - It will not process any scene tiles after 3/2/2023. Seems like a AWS/Sinergise issue. Please advise.

As mentioned, the data is there. We cannot help you further.

I guess I will have to figure out a solution to the Sinergise/AWS problem. Can’t see how its mine it can be ours when we download any of the imagery before 3/3/23. I think you have and error in your code. IMO

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