Can't place order, says to contact support

Hello Team,

I tried to place an order but it does not let me do it (403). It says I shall contact support which I can’t on the explore plan. Could you please fix the issue?


Hi Moritz,

might it be that you need to logout and login to the EO Browser? Things seem OK here.
If it is not working, can I kindly ask you for AOI and the date of the image that you wanted to order, so that we give it a try?

As a side note - minimum area for SPOT is 2.5 km2.


Hi Grega,

tried logging out and in again as well as expanding the AOI, still not working…


Can you please send the AOI (i.e. copy the geojson here - you can do so by clicking the “copy” button next to the area drawing tool) you are trying to order, so that we give it a try?

Just to be sure - you are trying to order Airbus SPOT, right? Not Pleaides or so?

The AoI is this one: {“type”:“Polygon”,“coordinates”:[[[13.347107,52.480879],[13.370624,52.480879],[13.370624,52.495533],[13.347107,52.495533],[13.347107,52.480879]]]}

I just noticed that I’ve got the SPOT package although I ordered the Pleiades one:

This might explain why I cannot download Pleiades and also why I was confused with the minimum order (I just wanted to get some sample Pleiades data with .25km² minimum)

So to make sure: I’m looking for 2m Pleiades data, not the SPOT one.

Hi @moritz.besser,

we apologise for this error. It has been fixed and you have Pleaides quota assigned.

Best Regards,