Can't see GRD layer in QGIS

I have had great time using QGIS with Sentinel Hub plugin for Setinel-2 data. However, when I define Sentinel-1 GRD for download in a similar manner I can’t download anything. I changed dates and parameters but still nothing. No errors just blank page in QGIS. When I try a different layer from Sentinel-2, there is no issue at all. Attached is the configuration in SentinelHub

If you have an idea - would love to hear it.

I tried to query copernicus directly using python for GRD data:

from sentinelsat import SentinelAPI, read_geojson, geojson_to_wkt
from datetime import date

# connect to the API
api = SentinelAPI('my-user', 'my-pass', '')
footprint = geojson_to_wkt(read_geojson('/home/gideon/sample.geojson'))

# search by polygon, time, and Hub query keywords
products = api.query(footprint,
                     date = ('20190101', '20190130'),
                     platformname = 'Sentinel-1',
                     cloudcoverpercentage = (0, 20)

The reply I keep getting is an open dictionary.


Seems, no products are available for this query.

Any ideas?


HI @gideon,

I don’t know where your footprint is located exactly, but there is a chance that there is no HV data for that area (looking at your layer parameter in your SentinelHub configuration). As noted in the Observation scenario page, HH-HV polarisation is used for the monitoring of polar environments, typically sea-ice zones. For example, there is no HV data over Central Europe in January 2019, but there are several scenes over Svalbard. I double-checked using Scihub and the Qgis plugin worked with your configuration over Svalbard.

In your second post, you are querying the VH band. I can find data for this band easily, as in this EOBrowser example. I don’t know why your sentinelsat query doesn’t return anything, but I cannot comment on the tool, being unfamiliar with it.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Maxim,
Indeed changing to VH I was able to get data in south america where my footprint is.

Thank you !

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