Can't subscribe to planetscope data anymore

Dear Sentinelhub employee,

I am getting the following error code when trying to place a subscription:

      "reason":"Bad Request",
      "message":"{\"error\":{\"reason\":\"Source issue\",\"details\":[\"catalog: Missing permissions for requested item type, asset types, geometry or date range\"]}}",

when trying to confirm the following example query:

payload = {

    "input": {

        "provider": "PLANET",

        "planetApiKey": "I_PUT_MY_API_KEY_HERE",

        "bounds": {"bbox": [12.489003, 41.890681, 12.489807, 41.89136]},

        "data": [


                "itemType": "PSScene",

                "productBundle": "analytic_8b_sr_udm2",

                "dataFilter": {

                    "timeRange": {

                        "from": "2020-06-01T00:00:00Z",

                        "to": "2021-02-01T00:00:00Z",


                    "maxCloudCoverage": 100,


                "harmonizeTo": "Sentinel-2",




    "name": "Test1",

    "collectionId": " 32cbba78-559e-4d64-bc66-f2af3f7cc517",


I believe I should have ample qouta left and my planetScope subscription has not yet expired. I also get this error using the EO browser. Before I could place a subscription.

Thanks for you help in advance,




the requested area (the bbox field) is outside the countries included in your plan/tier.

aaah, sorry! Rome was the suggested area for the request builder. Thanks for the quick reply!