Catalog API does not return MODIS imagery after 2023-02-10

I have used sentinel-hub API for some stuff, mainly using Sentinel 2 imagery.
Currently I am studying the use of MODIS imagery from Aqua and Terra.
To simplify stuff, I am using the request builder.
The problem I identified is that for images newer than 2023-02-10 are not available.
I have already looked into eo browser and the same happens: imagery is only available until 2023-02-10

Are there some kind of problem with MODIS? If so, there are any expectation that the imagery will be back?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Matheus,

We will ask the data provider what’s going on.

The data provider supports only the version 6, which USGS recently discontinued and replaced it with the version 6.1

We are now discussing with the provider about the support for the newer version.

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