Catalog API STAC Record Not Referencing Band Files

Hi, testing use of Catalog API but realized the STAC records’ assets field do not contain individual file references which somewhat defeats the point of the STAC records as I want the exact location of B1 for example. Are there plans to modify the Catalog API to return the individual files instead of the directory like Planetary does for Sentinel-1 GRD and Sentinel-2 L2A?

Planetary Computer

Hi! Thanks for the question. However, from what I understand, if you want to access the files in AWS S3, then using Catalog API may not be the most appropriate tool. Sentinel Hub APIs differ from how you would traditionally access satellite imagery as you no longer need to download the individual bands, and then process the data. We want to move away from this and treat satellite data as a set of pixels with a value to be extracted.

You can still access individual bands via our Process API, with examples like this that extract the bands for you too.

However, if you insist on accessing the files then something like this tool might be more appropriate.

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