Catalog request pricing


I wonder what is the pricing for Catalog requests. I can’t find it anywhere.
It seems that our number-of-requests limit apply to them the same way as to the other (e.g. OGC) requests, despite there is no data processing involved? Am I correct?

Also, how processing units are calculated for Catalog requests?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Roman,

you are right that Catalog request is counted as a “request” same as all the other requests.
There are currently no processing units counted for Catalog requests. This will probably change in the future, but the amounts will be low.

Hi @gmilcinski ,

Ok, thank you!
However, there are some processing units counted in the Usage under Catalog requests.
It seems there is 1 pu per 100 Catalog requests counted.

Ah, you are right, sorry about that. We at the moment charge 0.01 PU per request, regardless of what kind of a request it is.
We were thinking to add some parameters, i.e. size of the request, but nothing is planned for now.

Ok, thank you. It’s clear now.