Clarification on configuring layers and identifying displayed image dates in configuration utility

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I have a question regarding the configuration process in the Configuration Utility. Specifically, I’m unsure about the steps involved in setting up a layer with a specific date range, such as from July 16th to July 20th, with a maximum cloud coverage of 50%, and so on. My main concern is locating information about the date associated with the displayed image. Where can I find it?
Can someone please provide guidance on this?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Martin,

You can find this information about setting up and customizing your configuration here. For more specific information about getting the acquisition date, please follow the instructions in the FAQ section.

Thank you for your answer.
To put it more clearly - I set the time range from 16July to 20July. Set the most recent option. But is there a way how to find out, what image from which day I am looking at? If it is from 16July, or 17July, etc.

Hi Martin,

The second link I shared in my previous answer helps you do that exactly.

  • You can configure the layer to show acquisition dates. Go to the layer of your choice and follow the steps:
    1. Click the “Advanced” option in the Layer tab to enter advanced parameters dialogue.
    2. (optional) You can turn on Help by clicking on “?” top right.
    3. Add “additionalData” node with type “Date”
    4. Click Save in Advanced parameters dialogue.
    5. Click Save Layer and layer’s tab.

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Thank you, sorry about it. I tried it one more time and the link is working properly. I haven´t noticed that it opened on this particular question.

Kind regards, MK

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Let me know if you could access the dates or need more support with this issue.

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Yes, it is working. Thank you very much for your help.

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