I am trying to configure CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET as indicated in the tutorial

In my dashboard I configured a new OAuth (ID: db24bd9f-94ea-45d1-9a1b-0f91b73d4b4b), however when I type in the cell this data, and executed
(img = request.get_data()[0]) ) gives me this error:

ValueError: The configuration parameters ‘sh_client_id’ and ‘sh_client_secret’ must be set to authenticate with the Sentinel Hub service

I have written the parameters correctly in the following script in the documentation and if you allow me to connect, but as I mentioned before, in the tutorial code cell it generates an error.

from oauthlib.oauth2 import BackendApplicationClient
de requests_oauthlib import OAuth2Session

client_id = 'db24bd9f-94ea-45d1-9a1b-0f91b73d4b4b
client_secret = 'mytoken

client = BackendApplicationClient(client_id=client_id)
oauth = OAuth2Session(client=client)

token = oauth.fetch_token(token_url=‘’,
client_id=client_id, client_secret=client_secret)

All requests using this session will have an access token automatically added
resp = oauth.get(“”)