Clip Overlapping Multipolygon - WMS/Sentinel2-L1C


We are running into issues while clipping Sentinel2-L1C image using multiple overlapping polygons. Can anyone suggest a way to handle this? 38.138067,-92.946882 38.141037,-92.955465 38.147518,-92.959671 38.138067),(-92.962046 38.1488,-92.943495 38.150217,-92.954746 38.145088,-92.962046 38.1488)))&width=2048&height=2048&srs=EPSG%3A4326&bbox=-93.16406250000001,37.99616267972814,-92.81250000000001,38.272688535980976

Hi @craig.hossfeld.ext ,

Sentinel Hub APIs take valid polygon and multipolygons only. I suggest making an union of your multipolygons and then make a request.

Thank You Chung. It works.

It looks like there is some limit on number of polygon coordinates that we can pass as parameter to Sentinel WMS service. Any idea on what the limit is?


Hi @craig.hossfeld.ext ,

In general, we do have pretty high limits. However, this will inevitably change to stricter limits as overly complex geometries can raise a lot of issues. I would suggest using geometries with reasonable complexity.

As for the OGC requests, there is a standard limit for HTTP requests regarding the OGC services. Please see my reply in another thread.

Thanks Chung, we will try those options.

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