Cloud mask for Landsat 7


I want to get images from Landsat 7 and to get also cloud mask (cloud mask,cloud shadow…).
I was searching for something similar to the landsat 8 “decodeLs8Qa” but couldn’t find info about it, though it worked with this function.
is it the same layer? jut to make sure…



Hi @reutkeller,
I am not an expert in sentinelhub-py, but I am guessing that Landsat-7 is not supported with all the options there.

That said,if you are using Landsat 7 Level 2, there are quite a few bands that seem related, e.g. BQA, ST_CDIST, SR_CLOUD_QA etc. I am guessing (but not sure) that similar approach as with Landsat 8 applies in terms of the data.

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