Cloud masks available as CLM/CLP band

Cloud masks were the most common requests we’ve been getting for the last few years. We provided many options - Hollstein’s custom script, Braaten-Cohen-Yang cloud detector, L2A scene classification, open-source s2cloudless library. However, none of these was good and simple enough.

This changes now as we have processed the complete archive with our s2cloudless.
You can now simply use “bands” CLM (cloud mask) or CLP (cloud probablity).

More information in the documentation:

Some more background:


This is fantastic news! Great work!
The Medium article from yesterday mentions Slovenia and Croatia from 2019 onwards, but you mention the complete archive in your post. Could you clarify what is currently available and when the full archive will be available?


This was yesterday and today is a new day! :slight_smile:
We sped up the process a bit due to our (not too serious) “competition” with Google, which you can find out more in this thread:

Since yesterday evening, complete archive is available - both historic as well as the new scenes.
Well, to be more detailed:
-3957 scenes failed, but with 13M in total these few should not cause too much of a problem
-for new scenes to get cloud masks it usually takes a couple of minutes so if you go and check them immediately after they become available, you might find some missing ones.

That really makes me laugh!
Really fantastic work! I look forward to testing it out and incorporating it into my work.

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