Commercial imagery - pricing


I’m having trouble understanding how the pricing works for Commercial Third Party Data, I’m specifically looking at Airbus Pleiades.

Under the billing information, it says the following:

"Airbus Pleiades

  • €100.00 per quota package*

Minimum individual order: 0.25 km² (details)

The price is calculated based on a 6-months sliding window."

What is a ‘quota package’? Is that a cost of €100.00 for one order plus the €8.5/€7/€5 per km2 ordered? For example, for a 1km2 order, would that cost €108.50?

Thanks in advance.

“Quota package” is an advance payment, which you pay and can then consume anytime over the next 12 months, in one or several orders.
I.e. if you pay one Pleiades quota, you will be assigned 11.76km2 of “credits”, which you can then use by making 47 small orders, each 0.25km2, or one large one, 11.76km2, or a combination.


Got it! Thank you Grega.

One more question, if I had an Exploration subscription for 1 month, and purchased 1 quota package for Pleiades, does the quota package need to be consumed within the month that the Exploration subscription is active?

The quota can be consumed within 12 months. However, whenever ordering the data, you will need Sentinel Hub subscription as well. But you can cancel (pause?) the subscription after one month, then come back in a few months and continue.

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