Commercial Third-Party Data is not available

Greetings. I’ve subscribed to the “Exploration” plan and have no access to commercial third-party data. The label at the bottom of the billing page says “Import of commercial/third-party data into Sentinel Hub is only available to subscribed Sentinel Hub users.” I’m a subscriber, so I expect it to be available. It doesn’t specify a subscription plan or something.

Hi @dmytro ,

your subscription process is not yet finalised. We are still waiting for PayPal to release the payment.
We will inform you, once this is done.
I appreciate your patience.


Hi @gmilcinski,
it was a bug on PayPal side, right? Ok, I will try again. Thanks!

We don’t know for sure (yet) as it sometimes takes a couple of hours for PayPal to process the payment, then it works. But often it simply does not go through. And we have no visibility in what is happening in the meantime.

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