¿Cómo cargar un wms al ArcGIS?

Requiero cargar los wms de Sentinel-2 a ArcGIS con la finalidad de monitorear en diferentes tiempos la zona agrícola de México, ¿Cómo genero el wms con esa característica?

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I suggest you check this link on how to integrate WMS in ArcGIS in general.
ArcGIS does not have any user interface to set the time parameter so I suggest you use configuration utility to change date of the layer, which will be automatically represented in ArcGIS.
Perhaps you can check the template configuration called “IACS template”, which already contains several layers in different times.

  • Click “Add new configuration”
  • Scroll down to “Select from template instances” and find “IACS template”

Once you have loaded the WMS instance in ArcMap, go the the layer’s properties. In the Parameters tab you can add your own custom WMS parameters. To change the date, add the “time” parameter and enter the value. Apply and click OK.