Concerning line in Sentinel 1 images

I was looking at recent Sentinel 1 images and they all have a line that appears to be location (likely) between the 1st and second subswaths. Is there a failure in the satellite somewhere? I double checked by processing with ESA’s Snap sentinel-1 toolbox and also see it there. It was clearly due to the VH band (the VV band seemed OK). Have there been any reported issues from the ESA on this?


I also see the lines along both boarders of sub swaths in earlier images. I didn’t check this one against Snap though yet. What is going on? Really concerning regarding data quality and trust of these satellites. Would have expected de-bursting to remove such artifacts…

Hi @justjohnp ,

I tried to search on scihubnews but there was no related issue being reported. Will try to investigate and report if anything related is found.

Best Regards