Config WMS for dynamic date for Sentinel 2


I trying to setup an web application that consume Sentinel Hub WMS to display Sentinel image on a WebGIS.

The arrangement would be like this:

  1. One layers with the current latest image: any image available (example current date as 01 September)
  2. One layers with image from one month ago from current date: any image available (01 August)
  3. One layers with best image between 9 and 6 months from today: prioritized for cloud free image. (between 01 Jan to 01 April)

In this way user can see image from today, image from one month ago and image from 6 months ago.

I understand (and still learning) that we can put date on WMS config but in this case I would like to change the date dynamically from current date.

Any hint is much appreciated.

Viet Anh

Hi Viet Anh,

go to Configuration utility and choose “New configuration”.
Then select to use “IACS template” when creating an instance:

This configuration has many layers set along the lines you are referring to. So hopefully this should help you configure it however you like.
If you have some more questions, do not hesitate to ask here.

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