Connect sentinel hub to GSMaP (precipitation) data


I wanted to ask if there are any plans to connect with the GSMaP (precipitation data). Today the best way to access the data automatically is using google earth engine, and I believe that many users of sentinel hub will benefit precipitation data on a daily and hourly basis, as provided by GSMaP.

Is there any plan to connect to this database?



Hi Reut,

There is no (short-term) plan to connect to the GSMaP data.

That being said, eo-learn has recently implemented an EOTask to retrieve weather data from meteoblue service, as part of GEM project. You can find the MeteoblueRasterTask and MeteoblueVectorTask descriptions on read-the-docs.

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From the past I understood that using Meteoblue required additional fee.
Is it now open to use from sentinel-hub py freely?

No, meteoblue is it’s own service, it is just (seamlessly) integrated with eo-learn.

so then if I want to use their data, do I need to register ?