Consistent band names for Planet data collections

Dear users,

We would like to inform you that as of today, the PlanetScope and SkySat collections in Sentinel Hub will use snake_case band names to match the band names in the headers of the tif files. This has no impact on functionality and your existing evalscripts will still work.

The band names we will use are:

Previously used band names (CoastalBlue, Blue, GreenI, Green, Yellow, Red, RedEdge, NIR, Pan, UDM, UDM2_Clear, UDM2_Snow, UDM2_Shadow, UDM2_LightHaze, UDM2_HeavyHaze, UDM2_Cloud, UDM2_Confidence) are obsolete. If you have existing PlanetScope or SkySat collections you will notice that the band names have been updated automatically for these collections. Your existing evalscripts with the obsolete band names will still work but we do recommend that you update your evalscripts. Updated examples can be found in the documentation for PlanetScope as well as for SkySat.