Console output in EO Browser?

I’d like to know whether there are any chances to get some console output of my custom script? It would ease writing code tremendously.

For example, I would like to console.log anything e.g.:

////////////////////////////////////////script starts here
function calcValue(band) {
console.log(‘hello band’);
return band * 2.5;
return [calcValue(B01), calcValue(B02), calcValue(B03)];
////////////////////////////////////////script ends here

But in such cases only 400 error images is all I can see. If this is an evalscript feature I understand (since the script is not run on my machine but on the server), but it makes scripting much more difficult.

If you are using OGC end-points (WMS, WCS), it is a bit tricky as they can only output one format.
With process API you have more freedom as you can return multi-part output.
I suggest you check updateUpdateMetadata function:

And tips 6 and 9 here: