Contributing to Blue dot water observatory

The Blue dot observatory is has lot of unnamed water bodies. Is there way to contribute the missing names to these water bodies?

Hi @Arky

Thanks for your enthusiasm and willingness to contribute. Unfortunately at this moment we don’t have an automated way to do so. If you have a list of water bodies you’d like to see added, please send us a geojson/geopackage/shapefile of nominal waterbody extents (vectors of waterbodies) with following attributes:

  • country of the waterbody
  • name of the waterbody

If the file would be read with geopandas, the resulting geodataframe should look like this:

country name geometry
0 Indonesia Waduk Saguling MULTIPOLYGON (((107.39950 -6.96325, 107.39971 …
1 Indonesia Karangkates POLYGON ((112.44627 -8.16392, 112.44650 -8.163…
2 Indonesia Waduk Wadaslintang POLYGON ((109.75293 -7.56967, 109.75305 -7.569…
3 Indonesia Togo Ngebe POLYGON ((111.62672 -7.79523, 111.62706 -7.793…
4 Indonesia Cirata POLYGON ((107.24025 -6.71600, 107.24114 -6.714…
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Sure @batic Most of ones I would like to name are already in the database. We just need to add names to those already listed as ‘Unknown …’

Great. A map like

{ waterbody_url: "correct name" }

would probably suffice. waterbody_url example:

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