Convert Pixel Coordinates to Latitude/Longitude

Hello Everyone,

I just got started with SentinelHub for AWS, I reproduced this Example to get Imagery.

After downloading & viewing the data with AwsTileRequest, I couldn’t figure out how to map individual pixel locations into their corresponding latitude/longitude coordinates.

I found this issue that got me close to the solution but still, because I don’t know how to use the information provided by the tileinfo file I got, I was stuck inspecting both pixel_to_utm & to_wgs84 functions. here is my tileinfo.json

{'path': 'tiles/32/N/KL/2018/9/22/0',
 'timestamp': '2018-09-22T09:55:57.872Z',
 'utmZone': 32,
 'latitudeBand': 'N',
 'gridSquare': 'KL',
 'datastrip': {'id': 'S2B_OPER_MSI_L1C_DS_MPS__20180922T132925_S20180922T095557_N02.06',
  'path': 'products/2018/9/22/S2B_MSIL1C_20180922T094029_N0206_R036_T32NKL_20180922T132925/datastrip/0'},
 'tileGeometry': {'type': 'Polygon',
  'crs': {'type': 'name',
   'properties': {'name': 'urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG:8.8.1:32632'}},
  'coordinates': [[[199980.0, 600000.0],
    [309780.0, 600000.0],
    [309780.0, 490200.0],
    [199980.0, 490200.0],
    [199980.0, 600000.0]]]},
 'tileDataGeometry': {'type': 'Polygon',
  'crs': {'type': 'name',
   'properties': {'name': 'urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG:8.8.1:32632'}},
  'coordinates': [[[295668.281581949, 599999.0],
    [309779.0, 599999.0],
    [309779.0, 490201.0],
    [271203.539834469, 490201.0],
    [272146.581699397, 494342.968678216],
    [275796.306324062, 510767.474513928],
    [279494.028261105, 527173.763528349],
    [286754.801581796, 560039.101647584],
    [295668.281581949, 599999.0]]]},
 'tileOrigin': {'type': 'Point',
  'crs': {'type': 'name',
   'properties': {'name': 'urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG:8.8.1:32632'}},
  'coordinates': [199980.0, 600000.0]},
 'dataCoveragePercentage': 23.98,
 'cloudyPixelPercentage': 21.07,
 'productName': 'S2B_MSIL1C_20180922T094029_N0206_R036_T32NKL_20180922T132925',
 'productPath': 'products/2018/9/22/S2B_MSIL1C_20180922T094029_N0206_R036_T32NKL_20180922T132925'}

I need help concerning what piece of information I should use to get the UTM and then the coordinates.

Any Hint?

Thank you.

Just to clarify my end-goal, I just want to extract the area I’m originally interested in, and it’s specified by a rectangle (min_lat, max_lat, min_lon, max_lon).

If there is any resources on how to slice the big images we get from AWS, I would greatly appreciate it.

I suggest you check lambda tiler code:

Or use Sentinel Hub API instead: