Coordinate discrepency between "tileGeometry" and "tileDataGeometry" in metadata

After downloading some Sentinel-2-L1C tiles via AWS, I have noticed that the coordinates of “tileGeometry” and “tileDataGeometry” often differ by suspiciously precise 1m in both coordinate directions.

I assume this is intended behavior, could you provide some info why the tileDataGeometry appears to be shrinked by default?

Hi @cm96 ,

tileGeometry is the granule footprint calculated from the metadata of the original Sentinel-2 L1C products. It is the geolocation of the four corners of the granule envelope according to the Sentinel-2 Product Specification Document.

tileDataGeometry is calculated from DETFOO masks with a bit negative buffer and simplification so we get rid of jagged edges. We calculate this field for internal use.