Copernicus DEM available on Sentinel Hub

Copernicus DEM is now available on Sentinel Hub! The Copernicus DEM is a Digital Surface Model (DSM) which represents the surface of the Earth including buildings, infrastructure and vegetation. We provide two instances of Copernicus DEM named GLO-30 Public and GLO-90. GLO-90 provides worldwide coverage at 90 meters. GLO-30 Public provides limited worldwide coverage at 30 meters because a small subset of tiles covering specific countries are not yet released to the public by the Copernicus Programme. In such regions Sentinel Hub will return GLO-90 to ensure global coverage. Additionally, these DEMs can now be used for Sentinel-1 processing.

To use it in Process API, you just need to set the ‚ÄúdemInstance‚ÄĚ field of the ‚ÄúdataFilter‚ÄĚ object to the chosen value.

To use it in OGC API, configure a DEM layer in your Dashboard and set the ‚ÄúDEM instance‚ÄĚ dropdown to the chosen value.

For Sentinel-1, essentially the same applies, except the ‚ÄúdemInstance‚ÄĚ field is in ‚Äúprocessing‚ÄĚ and in your Dashboard the DEM can be chosen in the ‚Äúorthorectification‚ÄĚ dropdown.

For more information about the DEM and more detail on how to use it, see the documentation of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Data and the Sentinel-1 processing options.


We are happy to announce that we added additional tiles to GLO-30 instance, after ESA released them to public.

Previously, there were 612 blacklisted tiles, and now the list is down to 25 tiles. Here is the list of tiles of non released ones: